When should you do a pest inspection at your house? And how often should you do it? This depend on a several factors. Like an area of your property and the type of pest infection you are facing. Take a look at the following to see how you can determine when to do a pest control for your building.

Second Treatments

When it comes to managing any building, whether it is your house or company property, doing one pest control and being done with it is never enough. It is always essential to do regular pest control, whether you do it in every two months, six months or nice in a couple of years.

Most of the times after a pest control, there can still be eggs of pests that will not be affected by the control methods used by the technicians. This means that after some time, you will be experiencing the same pest infection again. So, make sure to do a second treatment, even after you finish one inspection.

Type of Pests

The frequency of the inspection can also depend on the type of the pest. For example, animals like spiders and ants are easier to detect and get rid of and therefore controlling in every three to six months will be fine. But if it is more menacing pests such as bedbugs or cockroaches, then you will need more regular inspection – even weekly – as they are resistant to some chemicals and therefore spread fast.


Pest controls do not have to happens after you face a pest infection. Instead you can opt for prevention of pest infestation. This means inspecting your property for any potential pest infestation. Remember if you are looking for a company to do building and pest inspection gold coast has a few options that you contact  and hire. Schedule a pest inspection and a pest control with them so you can prevent an infection which. Precautionary methods like this will help to get the situation under controlmore easily.

Severity of the Infestation

No matter how much we try sometimes pest infestations get out of control. If it gets out hand or become too severe, then you will need more than one inspection. In case this becomes your problem, you will have insects and critters running all over your property, causing health and sanitary hazards. In order to avoid this, arrange a pest control at least bi-monthly, frequent controlling will help to reduce the re-emergence of the pests.

Property Area

Yes, this is another area that should become your concern when you are controlling pest infection. If you have a large property, this means you have to bring in some extra control methods. Large properties require at least monthly pest controls. But if you have a smaller property, that can be inspected and managed easily, then nice in every four months will suffice.


Your location is an important when it comes to pest control; pests are not just a result of the existing condition of your house but also your neighbourhood. If you are located in an area that is more prone to a particular type of pests, then you will need more frequent pest inspection. Some of the reasons behind frequent pest infestations are humid climate and unkempt, abandoned gardens, woods or other lands near you. If you live in a colder climate, this can also cause rodents like rats infesting your property to stay warm.

Pest control frequency depends on each property. Therefore, before scheduling an inspection, fist take these factors into consideration. Each property will need their unique way of pest control.