We all tend to get confused between a POS Terminal, POS Software and a System. Well, it’s pretty simple. A point of sale terminal is the electronic equipment used to process transactions and process credit card payments. A point of sale software is what allows the equipment to carry out the process. A system is the combination of both equipment and software.

It Makes Business Processes Easier

A point of sale systems are the heart of every business. Why? Because it does essential tasks like inventory management, processing sales, menu customizations, labor reporting, price adjustments, sends out promotional alerts, customer management and many more. The list is simply and efficiently endless. For a better idea, you could always ask the cashier at a retail store or bakery about the type of system they are employing. 

There are different types of systems and used for different industries. Let’s just go through a couple of different systems used in different industries.


Why is a POS system required for a restaurant? Well, primarily it’s required to carry out cash sales and payments made through credit cards. Restaurants also require this system because it calculates their financial and tax data.

Most systems are also able to send orders directly to the kitchen printer without having the hassle to go through workers and errors. It also tracks the inventory and food stocks and usage.


Although there is a special software designed for bars, the restaurant one works fine too. Particularly for busy bars, the system needs to be fast enough to input details and carry out the transaction within seconds. Long lines at the cashier highly discourage people from visiting the same place again.

For busy bars, the iPad system is not very convenient. Mainly because it highly relies on internet connection and constant updates for efficiency. Tab management is usually considered a better alternative. 

Salons And Spas

Nails salons, hair salons, and spas require the same and special kind of software, mainly because they follow the same process. Appointment calendar and reminders, staff management and scheduling, customer database with the requested details and inventory management are options that are vital to have.

However for small salons and spas small systems like the Echo will work fine but however, for larger one a full-featured system is required.

Retail Stores

The point of purchase system for all retail stores is primary, it requires a very specific type of software that cannot be used on cross platforms. Retail business systems require some specific features like inventory tracking, color and size matrix, customer database, employee management, purchase orders and many more that are not required by other systems.

The retail technology has developed so much that you can find systems that meet your needs or even better with features like sales, customer and vendor reports.

One of the most common hardships faced when applying new technology is the learning process, but once you get the hang of it, things get easier. And if you are starting up, make sure the program has all the features and the necessary hardware required to increase efficiency.