Stretch film or wrap is considered an essential when it comes to packaging. Whether it is done manually or with a machine, film is used when transporting products from the storage to the retailers. But is this really a necessary thing to do? Keep reading to find out what are some of the benefits of film when it comes to packaging and transport.

Protect Your Product

In order to maintain the good quality of a product, it has to be safe from damages. Therefore, it is up to you to take the necessary safety precautions when you transport the final product from the storage centre to the sellers or the customers. Film wraps can keep the product completely covered so it won’t be damaged external elements or weather factors such as water/ moisture, dirt or mud. There are also UVI stretch films that you can use to protect the product from UV rays.

Minimise Damage

External elements are not the only things that can damage an item that is being transported. Constant movement means the products that are packed may topple and shake and therefore is prone to impacts and breaks.

As a result, this may make the product unusable and would even result in losses for you. You can avoid this by using film. A secure hold with film wrap will hold the items with more stability. This makes it both easier and safer to transport and move the products. You don’t have to worry about the products breaking, tearing or cracking when moving.

Efficient Storage

If you are finding storage space a problem, this is one tool that can help you. Film wraps allows more products to be stacked when storing. When films are used in conjunction with angle boards, they make it easier to stack loads without the risk of falling. You can take the maximum use of the vertical space in your warehouse and save your floor space for additional storage. This will also allow employees more room to work and walk freely and reduce accidents that may occur due to limited space for movement.

Increased Productivity

The benefits of film wraps are not limited to storage and transportation alone. They are also efficient in improving the productivity of the employees, making the manufacturing process faster. Unlike other wraps, this allows you to secure loads faster allowing the employees to get more work done in less time. Automated stretch wrap makes it even faster as it requires fewer or zero employees and would finish bulk products in a short time. This makes film wraps more convenient to use for the production process.


One of the biggest concerns of most green businesses is that film wraps are harmful to the environment.  Luckily, most film wraps are 100% recyclable. So, if you are a green business or planning to turn on to one, or you simply want to reduce the environmental impact of your company, opt for recyclable wraps. You will have an efficient production, storage as well transportation with minimum environmental damage.

Out of the many gadgets and tools that can make manufacturing more effective, this is something that you can easily use. Whether you are using film manually or using an automated machine, you will be able to do experience a lot of benefits and a big transformation in the manufacturing process.