A big part of moving into a new place is packing all your belongings and getting them in order. Sometimes packing all of them will be a tiring and a boring task and if it is not done in the right way, it will be a real mess when you go to your new place. Here are some tips that will help you to finish the whole ask of packing earlier and easier.

Throw Away the Unnecessary Stuff

You will come across a bunch of items that you will not use anymore. This include old CDs, notebooks you have used and aren’t using anymore, old storybooks, magazines and newspapers, kitchen utensils you know you will never be using, broken appliances, old clothes that are either too old or too small to be worn again. Get rid of these items immediately. You don’t want to take these unnecessary items to your new place. Some items that can be reused can be sold in a yard sale or be given to a charity. The rest you can dispose or send to a recycling place.

Separate Room by Room

Start from one room and move into another. You will be too tired and exhausted if you try to pack randomly whatever that you see in whatever room. Instead keep separate boxes for separate rooms. Make sure the clothes go into one box, the electrical appliances such as dyers or irons into another, items from kitchen to another separate box, books and stationary into another one. If possible, make sure each member of the family has separate boxes for their belongings. Store the fragile and breakable items separately so that they can be moved with special care. Get important documents into a separate folder.

Use Right Packing Materials

Don’t get boxes that are too old for packing as this can make them tear or fall apart while moving. Get boxes that are only once or twice used before or get completely new boxes for packing. Get paper or bubble wrap to protect items that need extra protection; such as ornaments, dishes, vases and other chinaware etc. Remember you can’t use newspapers with all the items since they can stain the materials with their ink. Try to get plain paper as much as possible for items such as cutlery or dishes.

Seal the Boxes

Sealing the boxes will make sure that all your items are safe. Pack any breakable item with paper in between them to make sure the items will not move inside the box while travelling. Use tape to secure the bottom of the box and then to the top after it is closed. Don’t over pack the boxes as this can cause the box to open while moving. Name each box to identify what is inside them. Get some a4 labels printed to mark the boxes. This can make matters easier for you when you move into the new place and also easier to the moving people when they are carrying the boxes.

Packing all the belongings in an organized manner by sorting them out separately will help you to prepare for the moving without too much stress or worry. Following these tips will help you to move all your stuff into the new room easily and securely.