So you are on the road enjoying the lovely outdoors of Australia in your caravan or RV. But one of your favourite football games or the finale of your favourite TV show plans to air when you are on the road. Should you return or check into a motel with a television set? There’s a better option: Install a television in your motorhome. That way you can always keep up with the news and beloved programming no matter how far away from home you are. Here are several tips to keep in mind when installing a television set in your RV:

Calculate Power Consumption

Televisions, of course, require a power source to function. In caravans, this power source is usually the vehicle’s battery. So if you are installing a television in your motorhome, you will carefully have to calculate power consumption needs.

It’s best to choose a low voltage, compact TV that won’t consume too much power. Alternatively, you can use solar power just for the TV and save the RV battery. In either case, you must make the calculation as to how much more power your vehicle would need should you choose to have a television set inside. The type of equipment you buy would have to depend on these power consumption needs.

Shop for the Right Type of Television

The type of television best suited for your caravan not only depends on power consumption, it depends on the space available as well. Keeping a television in a moving vehicle can be a problem, especially if you are driving on rough terrain. The best option here is to buy an small television that can be fitted to the walls or the seat backs in the vehicle. The size of the television would depend on the space you have available. When you shop for the television set, do keep the size and space in mind.

Don’t Forget the Secondary Equipment You Might Need

A caravan TV is not just a one-piece equipment. There will be several items you need for placing the television and receiving a signal. When installing the television set, don’t forget to shop for things like wall/ceiling mount TV brackets online Australia and similar secondary accessories. You may need additional power cables and mounting material as well. These should be on your shopping list when you pick out the television as the accessories can change depend on the brand you choose.

Consider Signal Options

While on the road, you are most likely to depend on satellite signals for your programming. You can also consider the regular analogue signals as well. You should purchase the antennas you need to actually watch the television once its installed. Some may come with the original purchase. But to ensure that you have a signal, shop for additional items as well. Items that improve signal strength should be considered when you are driving into the real outback.

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the amount of research you would have to do before purchasing a television for your caravan. In addition to the above points, you may also want to consider things like robustness of the TV—that is to say, how it can continue to receive the signal as the vehicle moves. These things are not easy to know unless you read reviews and ask questions.