Are you also a motor head obsessed with your car? It is perfectly natural for you to be a motor head, people love cars, specially men. It is a reasonable argument, because how useful can a car be. It expresses who you want to be, it gives you a lot of unforgettable memories, gives you a sense of responsibility and pride. For some it is their home away from home.

Status and personality

A car is often described as an expression of yourself. Same as fashion which expresses your personality, cars have the power to express your status and personality. Businessmen or a businesswoman drive luxury car, young trouble makers or teenagers buy sports cars and have them modified. Finally, blue-collar workers drive used cars or most of the time trucks.


Even though the car you drive is an old model, used or expensive, it is something you earned for, it was your childhood dream. You can always be proud of the fact you worked for it and now you own it. This is the first feeling we have when we first buy our own car.


Along with this, comes a sense of responsibility. Maintaining your vehicle is no easy task either, getting oil changes, clean ups or changing tires, wipers and breaks are not just one-time tasks, they are regular things you got to do when you own a car.

To get the edge on your vehicle, some car enthusiasts add tune mods and different parts to their car. To boost the speed of the vehicle, give it a sleeker look, or installing decorating lights are some of the common things that teenagers love to do with their cars.

Attract people

Think of the first time you went to college in your own car, think of the people you met simply because of the new car you bought. A car could be very attractive, some youngsters modify them to make them louder and faster. Especially in your teenage years, every boy’s dream is to have his own car, because it creates a space wherever he goes, it gives him new opportunities, freedom and most of all it attracts girls.

Memories we make

We all love freedom and we use that same freedom to create memories that will always linger in the corridors of our life. Whether we like it or not, these memories we make on our cars are worth generations and generations to tell.

All your first-time experiences such as the first time you raced with your friends, your first road trip, the first time you went out with your girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe something you may not like to remember, like the first time you met with an accident.

So, this is why we love cars more than all the other vehicles in the world. This distinct vehicle and its distinguished owner have many stories to tell today and also in the years to come.