According to the world health organisation, mental health problems have become a rapidly rising concern among people. There seems to be more risk among the adult age groups and especially females. According to stats from various local health organizations, it has been accepted that every one person out of twenty from the age groups over sixteen in Australia, experiences some mental illness annually.


This is obviously the most common mental health condition seen among people. Feeling tired more often, losing appetite or difficulty in sleeping, loss of interest in common pleasures, feelings of low self-worth or guilt, sadness and difficulty concentrating on something are characterized as depression.

Depression takes a very slow approach, it increases gradually within an individual, showing no physical changes or signs until it has grown substantially enough to impair the flow of the usual functioning of an individual. In most severe cases, it could even lead to suicide.

Today, prevention programs have become more and more common in areas where depression is found to be more populated. Psychologists are regularly updating the general reasons that lead to a person having feelings of depression. According to them, financial problems, mental or physical abuse and difficulties at work have been stated as the most common reasons.

Bipolar disorder

People classified as having bipolar disorders are typically divided into categories namely manic episode and depressive episode. Decreasing need for sleep, over activity, inflated self-esteem, rapid form of speech, frequent irritable and elevated moods are some of the common situations involved in manic episodes. People with manic episodes also have the chance of having depressive episodes, therefore such people are considered as having bipolar disorder.

Posttraumatic stress disorder

From the above, PTSD is one of the most dangerous mental health problems. This mental health condition is often triggered due to some terrifying incident. The person who is suffering from posttraumatic disorder may have been through a shocking experience or either may have been a witness to a similar incident. War, rape, sexual violence, threats of death, terrorist acts, natural disasters are some of these incidents that could lead to a person having PTSD.

Fortunately, proper mental treatment by the hands of an experienced psychologist has the chance of healing such a person. Today, technology has made it very easy, simple and fast to find who we need. So, if you need to find a PTSD psychologist in Melbourne, you only need to do a simple search online.

Development disorders

These disorders usually occur in a person’s childhood, and in some cases may continue to adulthood. These cause delays or impairments related to the growth of a person. Therefore, such people with development disorders may exhibit intellectual disability to some extent.

Adjusting to a daily routine like regular time for sleeping, eating, learning and playing will help in minimizing the risk of unnecessary stress, thus reducing the chance above mentioned mental health conditions. It is important that we understand the reasons that lead people to have such mental health conditions, it will help in both evading such possibilities and also to know how to interact with such people.