Instagram may be owned by Facebook, but the two platforms have operated separately since the takeover. The two social networks are different in several fundamental ways. Instagram is simple in its use as a photo sharing site. Facebook, on the other hand, offers a variety of tools that complicates the picture. Therefore, brands may want to decide which platform is best for investing in from an advertising point of view. Here are several pointers for doing that:

Scandals have Tainted Facebook, Forever

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have heard of at least one Facebook scandal in the past two years (there have been several). Facebook has been accused of and even investigated for violating privacy rights policies. The company has admitted to misappropriating data users upload to the platform. It’s also been found complaint in spread of misinformation, hate speech, and fake news (though the company is now taking steps to curb these).

Instagram has yet to face scandals the size of Facebook’s. The latter’s reputation is in tatters and there’s been talk of quitting Facebook en masse. Jim Carrey has. Though most people use Facebook, don’t expect the public to trust the platform again. Instagram has largely stayed clear of such issues. If your brand is worried about losing users on social networks, stick with Instagram.

Instagram has Higher Reach

Facebook is arguably bigger, but Instagram has more active users in comparison at nearly 800 million. In other words, Instagram enjoys more reach compared to Facebook. Demographic data, though, might be skewed towards much younger consumers. If your brand’s target audience is increasingly young and well connected, then Instagram is the way to go.

Instagram has more advertisers as well. Don’t underestimate its reach of a massive, global audience. Almost 80 percent of Instagram users are located outside the U.S. this could be a major advantage to an Australian company. Don’t be surprised if the best social media agency experts recommending Instagram over there.

Instagram is Great for Reaching Mobile Audiences

Not just the higher reach, Instagram is great for reaching audiences primarily using mobile devices. Instagram is the social network for handheld devices. If your target audience is mobile based, then Instagram is definitely the social network to invest in.

Keep in mind that mobile web browsing and product search is increasing overall among consumers. Instagram is better at retaining mobile users compared to Facebook. The latter does have a highly mobile-friendly app, but Instagram still rules when it comes to mobile.

Facebook has Multiple Customer Engagement Tools

The main difference between Instagram and Facebook is that, Instagram does only one thing mainly—photo sharing. Facebook, on the other hand, is for many things. You can upload photos or videos on Facebook, then chat with friends, or post a long rant. Facebook is in the process of adding new tools. There’s one called “petitions” on the way.

All in all, Facebook is the best platform for engaging with customers in many different ways. Not other social media network offers this many choices for driving engagement. Therefore, Facebook has an all-in-one feel that Instagram and many other social networks lack.

Instagram is Great for Young and Female Audiences

Both Instagram and Facebook now have overlapping demographics, However, Instagram’s audience tend to be younger and more female. If your target audience comprises primarily younger women. Instagram is the best.

Facebook is better for using an audience of all ages. It has slightly more male users compared to Instagram.

Facebook for Content, Instagram for Visual Content

If the material you want to share is visual, as in video or photos, then Instagram is really the best platform. No other social media site is as visually oriented as Instagram. On the other hand, if the content is mainly text, then go with Facebook.

Both Instagram and Facebook is great for video. Facebook has live video in addition to regular video uploads. Instagram is becoming more popular for short video uploads. Therefore, either is great for video content (but not as great as YouTube).

Overall, Facebook and Instagram share many similarities and features. However, one site maybe better than the other depending on the type of features your brand values the most. The target demographics also determine whether you should choose Instagram or Facebook.

It should be noted that Facebook’s reputation has taken a major hit in the past two years, as mentioned above. Therefore, your brand might want to move to Instagram anyway. You can at least avoid the fake news on Instagram, unlike Facebook. All on all, Instagram seems poised to be better with mobile-based, younger audiences.