The current world trends have created a culture of entrepreneurship and start-up businesses. It has almost become a necessity to have side hustles that are aspiring to be successful businesses. It is a great source of income but like any business it takes consistent management, commitment and a bit of luck to kick off.

The market is saturated with all kinds of start-ups ranging from food, DIY products, digital related and many more. When you’ve got a great business idea but not really sure how to get it off the ground what do you do? Here a few tips that can help give you that initial boost your business will need.

Get on social media

Facebook, Instagram, blogs and other social media platforms are the cheapest and easiest ways to send out the message. A creative name and introduction through a post can circulate your business attracting people to view your profile and what your business is. The reach of your profile can be boosted with the use of hashtags can generate traffic to your profile increasing your reach. Your profile will need to display in an artistic way that showcases your product range the best.

Create contacts

When it comes to word of mouth advertising or simply trying to get your business idea out, you need an elevator pitch. This is defined as a two-minute summary of your business that you can convey to anyone as quickly as possible. It has to be curated specifically to your business and give just enough information to keep them coming back. Reaching people regardless of the business creating contacts is crucial with potential customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


If you are having trouble advertising your products, another way to reach customers is to attach your product to something else. To promote your product through a gift hampers Australia has online stores that you can get in touch with. They use a combination of products and brands to curate their hampers.


Giveaways are common for businesses using Instagram. A giveaway is like a competition where one user is selected at the end to get free products of the business. Most of the time a giveaway requires users to tag others creating a network and is a promotion strategy. This creates awareness and gives the business publicity. However, this is a strategy that can only be used once a sufficient number of followers exist.

Customer feedback

Reposting what your customers think of your business is a great way to advertise. A good review will boost your client base as it increases your credibility. While many only posts good feedback it can be helpful to post about any constructive criticism you have received. This portrays the authenticity of your brand and also makes people aware that you are keen on bettering your business.

Building your business is not easy and takes a load of dedication to see it through. The many platforms available now have made creating content and client bases slightly easier.