Planning to recreate a fairytale moment with your partner? Do you have your own idea of creating a Jane Austen romance for yourself? This is the chance. Planning a surprise proposal is not a difficult thing to do. But keeping it a secret might be. Here are some ideas that you can follow in order to really surprise your significant other.

Be Secretive and Keep It Quiet

If you really want to keep the element of surprise, then you need to keep it quite so that your partner will not find out about it beforehand. Many of the surprises get ruined because some family member or a friend who is bad at keeping a secret spills all the plans. Only share your idea with those who absolutely need to know beforehand. Hire a proposal photography expert who can capture the moment discreetly without giving away your plan. Choose a random day, or even an anniversary of yours, but try not to make it the Valentine’s Day as it will be a bit predictable then.

Rely on Best Friends

You cannot keep the matter wholly to yourself since you will be needing help. Most of the time, your right hand man or woman in the whole planning will be the person who will help you through almost everything in the plan. This can be your girls/ boy’s best friend or a sibling or even your best friend. Someone who actually know a lot about both of you will help you to plan thedream proposal that your partner has always had in their mind. This person will be the one who can get you through mini stress attacks and help you to keep your secret.

Get a Ring

Think of all the conversations you have had with them about marriage and engagement with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Have they mentioned anything related to a favorite ring design? If there is, then this is the design you can aim for getting. But if there isn’t a dream ring, think of the kind of style your partner likes the most. What kind of stones they like? Will they like a traditional style or a more modern looking or a flamboyant type? Get the help of your partner in crime aka your best friend and try not to drop hints to your partner to get the design they like because they might catch up what’s going on.

Find a Location

Is your love a private person? Then go for private and intimate location with a picnic for just the two of you, a little walk along the beach or a countryside road. If they like more spontaneous and flashy things, then of course go public with it. If the two of you already has place that has a sentimental value attached to it, then one of these places will be the ideal location. Like the place where you two first met, went on your first date, first said your “I love you” or the place where you had your first kiss. You can also try to decorate the place with a little bit of rose petals or some fairy lights to add to the fairytale vibe.

Make a Meaningful Speech

Never look on the internet for good speeches. Instead write a speech that has an intimate meaning to both of you. Try to focus on what you really want to say to him/her, bring in some of your most memorable moments with them, and tell them how special they are to you. Speak from all of your heart and bare out your soul. The more original your speech is the more emotional and heartfelt it will be. If you really need help, get the help of your friend, only to give you a small push and not to compose your whole speech.

Once you have prepared your speech, got the ring and planned out the venue, then get ready to go down on one knee. Never over-stress and be nervous as this can be a deadly give-away. Stay calm and just follow the plan. Good luck!