Many people are having trouble accomplishing tasks with their work or academics not because they are ill-equipped or has low competency but because of the problem with procrastination. Many are left baffled with themselves that although they have suffered enough from not doing the tasks on time, they still go back to the behaviour of not doing things as scheduled. If you are one of these people, then here are some tips on combating your laziness and procrastinating tendencies.

Set Short Goals

Set goals that are not too farfetched or one that are too good to be true. One thing is you could be truly be honest with yourself in terms of capability and competencies, on what can you do on a given timeframe. Then you can start with that.

Set goals within that timeframe on the honest evaluation that you have of yourself. If you want to you put it on a sticky note or better yet buy weekly planners and put those short terms goals there on specific dates when you want to accomplish it.

Do not let yourself be interrupted

Never let yourself lose the focus for a single task. Now that you have shortened your tasks to short terms goals that are easily achievable there are lesser excuses for you not to finish it thus never let yourself be interrupted while you are doing that certain task, you can rest or take all the time you want during vacations but in specific times that you are working on a task, never be interrupted because it breaks the momentum and, in most cases, you will have a hard time going back on track.

Take Short Breaks

With shorter tasks and more achievable goals you can then proceed to have short breaks after you have done these tasks. These breaks are not for you to enjoy but they are there for you to recharge yourself with. Short breaks reenergize you for the next steps of tasks ahead. With lesser breaks a procrastinator tends to be easily exhausted and loses focus on what should be done, thus take breaks to motivate and energize your will to push further.

Give Rewards Daily

One thing does against laziness is to learn to reward yourself with what you have accomplished no matter how small it may be rather than punish yourself for the things that you were never able to achieve. The problem with punishment is that it only takes away the guilt but in consequence it slowly erodes your motivation in your work.

Thus, give daily rewards for the tasks that you were able to successfully pull off. These rewards are not only limited to food and money, it could be short trips to the bookstore, a calm coffee date with yourself, it could be anything that you enjoy doing.

The only person that can help you with your procrastinating problem is yourself, thus you have to be open first with accepting your problem before you set out on correcting your maladjusted behaviour.