Outdoor parties always sound fun. But they need to be planned thoroughly in order to ensure that there are no slips and mistakes. This applies to every part of outdoor party planning including rentals. When it comes to rentals, you need to figure out what you need, how much you need and about the quality of the items you rent. Take a look at the tips below to see what you need to consider when you are renting items for an outdoor party.


Planning a party means planning a budget first and allocating a sum for each of the expenses you will have to bear. This includes food and beverages, decoration, venue, invitations, sometimes costumes and rentals. This means that the rentals are not the only thing you are spending money for.

So,before you set out to do anything, first decide how much can you afford to spend on rentals. This will help you to plan out your expenses and will prepare you for any issues that will occur when spending. Get quotations from a couple of rental places and you will be able to compare the prices and see what offers the best items for the worthiest price.

Make a List

You might be able to hire all the items you need at one place or you might have to go to several places. Sometimes you will have to contact a place that rent chairs, tables, and marquees but will separately need to look for water cooler rental places and decoration hire.

So,make sure to consider every little aspect of the party and make a list of all the things you need before calling rental places. Some of the essentials you will need are chairs and tables, marquees, tablecloths, buffet and heating or barbeque equipment, water cooler, icebox coolers heaters or fans and trash cans.

Quality of the Equipment

When renting for the equipment you need, be sure to check a couple of different places before settling on one. You have to ensure that all the items you hire are clean and well-maintained. The last thing you need on a fun even is a ratty chair or a stained table cloth. The cleanliness and the condition of the equipment is essential to ensure that they are not dangerous or unsanitary. You can visit a few local places and see the equipment for yourself or can even check out a few online stores and see their equipment and read their reviews.


This might not sound as the most important thing. Most of us expect the company to give us the items and leave. But if they are doing any arrangements at all, then their experience do need to be considered.

For example, if they are setting up the tables, chairs and marquees or outdoor umbrellas or even the decoration then their skills and experience in handling the party venue is definitely important. A well experienced company or experienced workers can help you to setup the scene and ensure that precision and creativity that is needed in an outdoor event.

Whether it is a wedding or an evening barbeque, outdoor parties are the perfect event to get out your rooms, relax and enjoy time with you loved ones. This is why you need to make sure that whatever items you hire from outside are equally resourceful as the new items you buy.