Your vehicle is one of the assets that you should use with affection. Not only because it is valuable but also since has it represented you in the society. There comes a time with several reasons that brings the need of a new vehicle paint job. Regardless of the reason, you should try your best to go for the optimal solution given you wouldn’t want to keep doing it at the end of every month. There are some common

Here are 4 most common auto pointing mistakes that you need to avoid.

  1. Painting on unclean surfaces

The simple concept behind auto paint I almost entirely dependent on the bond between the material and the surface. In order for the surface of the vehicle to be in the best condition to adsorb the particles in the right way, it must be clean. But should it be dry? This is quite a debate that is mostly dependent on the type of the paint that you would be using. However, it is extremely essential that the surface does not contain any element uncleanliness.

  • Painting over cracks

Most people want to think that the thickness of the paint layer would cover the cracks if it was applying in the right amount. This is a myth that you need to get over. The purpose of a paint is to provide a good appearance along with protection to a certain extend. But will it be able to be existing physical damages? Not so much. Hence, what you should ideally do is repeating these cracks as needed and get the surface to the condition where painting on it is suitable for the best results.

  • Choosing the wrong type of paint

Typically, the automobile paint market is invaded by Teflon based ones and the ceramic based ones. Although Teflon paints may be a little cheaper, it carries a hospital of defects along with it. On the flip side, the ceramic paint jobs tend to last for years with ideal cleanliness and maintenance of all kinds, without losing its color. That is the single reason why getting your vehicle painted by the Perth’s leading ceramic coating applicator is what you should do this year; it is an investment that you will not regret for years to come.

  • Doing it on your own – even with the equipment

Having the right equipment never means that you are qualified to do it. Sure, the online broadcasting websites may have tutorials, but do you really want to take the risk of damaging the body? Because if you are to do it, you might as well allocate some more cash to reverse the possible damage that you may cause. There are things that we shouldn’t take chances with and this is one. So, make sure to work with the professionals for the best results.