As children start growing their interest and taste regarding different things also change. A child that liked something at the age of 6 may not like the same thing at the age of 15. Adapting to this change and their changing interest can help you with fitting in and getting along with them and making them happy. Throwing a birthday party for a teenager can be a bit tricky.


They would love for you to throw for them a party that is cool. If you have no idea what kind of party, they would want talk to your child casually to get an idea of what they are anticipating for their birthday. Or you can surf around the internet for some ideas. Few things that you can go for are,

Bonfire Party

You can do this at your home garden or the backyard. What you would need are the things needed to set up a bonfire with chairs and mats for sitting you can even bring a guitar or Bluetooth speaker. It would be fun to gather around the bonfire with friends make some smores and snack on pizzas while drinking soft drinks and playing music and dancing around. Of course, to give the birthday vibe decorate your backyard or garden with fairy lights, balloons and candles.

You can even take it up a notch and put up a tent for them to camp there overnight with their mens pyjamas and have a sleepover at your place. This would be a great idea too. You can put up a projector so the children an enjoy a movie and have fun throughout the night

Karaoke Birthday Party

If your child loves listening to music and enjoys jamming and singing along you can arrange him a karaoke for his birthday party. You can do this in your child’s room. Get down a karaoke machine, arrange a few songs for them to sing along, to create the environment you can put up disco lights.

You can get really creative with this, you can sprawl cushions on the floor to create the stage like feeling, you can even put up curtains to add a dramatic effect, to maximiser the enjoyment has some funny props ready like wigs, big sunglasses or masks. And you can even consider arranging a photo booth so that your child and friends can take cool pictures. Keep providing them snacks and soft drinks so they can munch on while they enjoy.

Amusement Park

Children of all ages and adults can enjoy amusement park. If your child enjoys these activities you can arrange a birthday party there. Arrange the cake there and invite all your child’s friends and after the cake cutting, they can go enjoy the rides.

Classical Birthday Party

You can arrange a normal birthday party with cake and games. Decorate the area with a theme that your child likes and for games you can arrange for them to paly truth or dare or organize a scavenger hunt.

There are different things you can do, but based on your child’s preference you can improvise.